About our Founder Rose Stewart

Amassing a huge wealth of tech client accounts and experience starting from the formative period of the 80’s Rose has always accepted and thrived on the challenges that this industry throws up on a daily basis. This range of skill, knowledge and insight has been built up across a considerable range of sectors and markets but always rooted in advancing her clients and their goals to maximum benefit.  This was achieved by evolving highly motivated and targeted teams and providing clear leadership both based on strong business knowledge and ethical work practices and a deep appreciation of where their client needs to get to.

Rose Stewart

Founder, RasDigital Agency Ltd

Managing a team of sales specialists in a commodities market when daily product prices of computer consumables would change erratically, this is when she learnt that you need to buy at the right price in order to sell at the right price. And specifically managing accounts such as ‘Birds Eye Walls’ who purchased laser print media to create images for their food packages.

Founding then developing a third generation eStore in the Dot.Com era and subsequently securing contracts for data storage media to hundreds of companies such as ‘Fidelity Investments’ who would use this media to store their client transactions in data server centres and data server mines.

Managing the account ‘British Antarctic Survey’ where the business would provide the computer consumables to kit out the submarines, where in Roses’ words “having the opportunity to have discussions with these scientists was mind blowing”.

Winning the contract for cloud server technology to digitally virtualize data storage in a department at the world renowned ‘Leeds Infirmary Teaching Hospital NHS Trust’.

Being one of a small team at Sage PLC in a ‘Specialist Business Development’ role who worked on a £110 million acquisition project where her position was to deploying the acquired companies SaaS solution into Sage’s software portfolio for continuous growth sale.

Recent ventures include facilitating online consumers and securing SaaS eCommerce contracts for SME, VARs and retailer businesses.

All leading to the required productivity or process improvements for clients and forming long term working relationships based on delivery and trust.

Roses’ words

It has been to say the least very interesting serving these widely differing clients. It was on the basis of my experience and desire to grow this approach to business that I am so excited to Found RasDigital Agency Ltd. Our key principle is to help everyday businesses harness advanced tech to enhance eCommerce use in their business and provide growth through Organic Search results via our managed services.

RasDigital has a strong team of highly successful and experienced specialists in the field of Technical SEO for Organic Search, MarTech, AdTech, and eCommerce. With Systems of Delivery, we stand ready to help build upon and enhance your digital presence and work hand in hand to take you and your business to the next level.