Organic Search

Using our considerable experience and skill we ensure your online offer is aligned to your objectives and target audience.

If a customer can’t find you, you may as well not exist.  This is when we bring our knowledge and highly evolved toolkit to bear ensuring Organic Search is always front and centre and achieving at all levels, with organic search engine traffic being paramount for building Brand Awareness we deliver our Technical SEO Strategy and Campaign Management actioning algorithms, extensive keyword research, and utilising Longtail Niche Key Phrases,  this activity produces streamlined user experience, increased visibility, online industry domain authority, higher ranking, increased credibility, and qualified opportunities / orders, which all equates to New Business Development.

Organic Search Strategy – Scenarios

Omni-Channel Marketing

Multi store retailer is looking to evolve into Omni-Channel by selling goods throughout shops, stores, online & social media while giving support through their contact centre.

Engages RasDigital Agency as an extension to their internal Digital Marketing function to provide e-commerce digital services, keyword analysis, A/B website testing, Website & Mobile App optimisation, User Behaviour monitoring, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Organic Search.

The retailer achieve a customer centric approach to their service.


FinTech Portfolio

Venture Capital company is looking to help their Portfolio of Tech Start-Ups develop new clients.

Engages RasDigital Agency to firstly design and build a new SEO optimised website CMS (Content Management System) for each business, also providing them with an individual Content Marketing Strategy & SEO Strategy with monthly SEO Campaign Management.

The FinTech companies Portfolio benefit individually from Online Brand Awareness and new clients within their first 12 months of business, this creates a beneficial Scale-Up advantage to the value of their portfolio.



An entrepreneur has specific knowledge of an industry, they would like to leverage this collateral to generate new clients for it’s first year of trading.

Engages RasDigital Agency’s Technical SEO / SEO strategy, in line with Google and other Search engine algorithms. With monthly SEO campaign management for Organic Search Engine Traffic, and Mobile SEO, working with us closely on specific keywords for multiple city locations which generate Google hits, goals and conversions, creating Brand Awareness and a Streamlined User Experience.

The start-up benefit from – fixed manageable monthly costs within their budget, rather than paying significant upfront variable amounts on PPC Ads in their first years of business, & also receive qualified opportunities.



Women’s retail shop in a local village sells clothes purchased from various UK designers, they want to promote their shop both locally as well as selling online exporting specifically to America.

Engages RasDigital Agency to provide Technical SEO / SEO strategy, in line with Google and popular search engine algorithms. Utilising a monthly managed SEO campaign for Organic Search to improve local footfall to the shop and International SEO to reach consumers in the US.

The retailer benefits greatly due to static costs throughout the year rather than raised costs of percentage share for affiliate marketing, they also benefit from increased visibility and qualified orders.


Locator Services

A tech services department provides a platform for consumers which points them to their groups channel locations.

Engages RasDigital Agency to generate a Technical SEO / SEO Strategy, in line with Google and other Popular Search Engine Algorithms. With a monthly SEO campaign management for improve Organic Search and a national SEO strategy to generate search results on individual city located VARs (Value Added Resellers) and retailers,

They benefitted from Higher Ranking Searches and subsequent conversions.


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