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Fully Managed E-commerce Strategy – Case Study Scenarios

Omni-Channel Commerce

High street brand is looking to create a customer centric Hybrid solution to enhance brand loyalty and promote continuity of regular customers using their service.

Engages RasDigital Agency Omni Channel Company in UK for Adobe-Commerce Cloud / Magento eComm platform and additional App, with extensions on integrated SMS, Email, Social Media and cohesive contact centre chat for price matching codes to use in store.

The Brand built further customer loyalty in line with their customer experience expectations in wherever their customers choose to shop.



Wholesaler wants to sell their merchandise through a distribution channel of retailers, and VARs (Value Added Resellers).

Wholesaler uses multi user eComm Master controller, Adobe-Commerce (cloud) / Magento as part of their Omni-Channel Company solution to provide a SaaS (Software As a Service) solution for inventory to retailers, and VARs

This provides an additional expansion of Tech service offering to their Channel which their merchandise are sold via.


Online Market Place Trader

Online Market Trader buys merchandise internationally then successfully sells their product through Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and drop shipment,   but does not have a successful  e-store.

Uses RasDigital Agency’s service to design and develop an eCommerce SEO strategy with an optimised online eCommerce e-store to compliment their successful business, they also work with us to create Organic Traffic through our SEO Strategy.

The Online Market trader reach more customers and produce more revenue with transparent return on investment.



A Manufacturer is looking to handle their consumer’s online purchasing journey to optimise the lifetime value of their brand.

Engages RasDigital services from ideation to the solution for a Digital Customer Experience, where we develop Adobe Commerce Cloud/Magento eCommerce store to create an end-to-end journey involving a DTC solution (direct to consumer) to support real time access to consumers.

They benefit from building brand relationship quickly and are able to sell products DTC through implementation of our enterprise SEO strategy.


Partner Channel

Stationery Office and IT Buying Group wants to create a Tech solution for their Dealer Channel in order to handle thousands of inventory Lines for their dealers e-stores.

RasDigital Adobe-Commerce Cloud Agency in UK, builds multi user eComm Master Controller, allowing tech creation of multiple e-stores for their Dealers.

The Dealers benefit from individual fully managed digital customer experience eCommerce platforms.


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