With Retailers, Resellers, and Distribution Channels: A Comprehensive Exploration

A recent study spanning from 2021 to 2027 has shed light on the expanding landscape and long-term growth potential of the Omni Channel Solutions industry. The surge in the buy-from-home economy and the prevalence of hybrid shopping experiences have underscored the necessity of an omnichannel approach. This approach empowers customers to seamlessly transition between channels of their preference without losing contextual continuity.

Gone are the days of channel dominating customer interactions, as was the case with voice for decades. The Digital Omni Channel emerges as the inevitable trajectory for Business to Business eCommerce and retail.

The study reveals that more than half of its participants recognize the importance of effortlessly switching between digital channels during a single interaction with a contact centre. Companies prioritising customer loyalty are now challenged to integrate technologies facilitating these smooth transitions between channels.

Reports indicate that 43 percent of companies are set to invest in these technologies over the next few years.

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Focus on Younger Consumers and Social Issues

Customer loyalty, traditionally dependent on swift issue resolution, now faces a paradigm shift with younger consumers placing emphasis on a brand’s stance on social issues, sustainability, and diversity.

Data indicates that half of Gen Z consumers have discontinued the use of a company’s services or products due to its views on social issues, while 40 percent have taken similar action based on the company’s stance on sustainability. Conversely, half of Gen Z consumers have chosen to engage with a company’s services or products due to diversity in their customer service.

Connections Over Interactions Drive Customer Loyalty

The report posts that customer loyalty will increasingly be shaped by a consumer’s overall connection to a brand, transcending specific interactions. Notably, younger consumers exhibit a tendency to align with companies that take a clear stance on pertinent issues.

A prediction from the report envisions contact centres gaining influence as they transform into profit centres driving loyalty and fostering deeper customer relationships. An overwhelming 90% of Customer Experience professionals acknowledge that agents function as brand ambassadors, engaging in broader social conversations with consumers utilising ecommerce services.

As revenue generation becomes intertwined with customer engagement, contact centres are evolving beyond cost centres. Sixty-seven percent of companies are either in the process of transforming or have already transformed their contact centres into profit centres.

Agents as Strategic Partners in Creating Loyal Customers

Anticipating the future, the report suggests that agents will play a more strategic role in creating loyal customers. As brand ambassadors, agents will actively engage in proactive customer interaction. Ninety-eight percent of companies plan to implement proactive customer engagement in the contact centre, with 90 percent of CX professionals viewing it as a driver of customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the modern consumer, positioned at the end of the supply chain, expects the flexibility to shop across various channels—marketplaces, websites, social media, and in-store. Brands, retailers, and resellers must adapt their operating systems to meet these evolving expectations, ensuring they can sell wherever their customers choose to shop. This adaptability is crucial for maximising revenue across diverse environments.

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