With Retailers,  Resellers, and Distribution channels.  A study shows from 2021 – 2027 expansion as well as the long-term growth potential of the Omni Channel Solutions industry.

Buy-from-home economy & hybrid shopping has elevated the need for an omni-channel which allows customers to use the channel of their choice and then change when they want to, without losing context.

There is no longer a de facto channel for customer interactions, as there was with voice for decades. Digital Omni Channel is the only way forward for Business to Business ecommerce and retail.

More than half of those in the study believe it’s important to transition easily between digital channels during a single interaction with a contact centre. Companies that value customer loyalty are tasked with implementing technologies, which enable these seamless transitions between channels.

According to the reports, 43 percent of companies are investing over the next three years.

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Younger Consumers Focus on Social Issues

While loyalty heavily depends on how quickly customer issues can be resolved, younger consumers are likely to choose brands based on their position on social issues, sustainability, and diversity.

The data shows 46 percent of Gen Z consumers stopped using a company’s services or products because of its views on social issues and 40 percent have stopped due to their stance on sustainability. Meanwhile, 53 percent of Gen Z consumers have started using a company’s services or products because of diversity in their customer service.

Connections, not Interactions Drive Customer Loyalty

The report also makes several predictions based on the survey findings. First, the report predicts, customer loyalty will increasingly be driven by a consumer’s overall connection to a brand, not specific interactions.

As noted earlier, younger consumers are more likely to choose companies that have a stance on certain issues. Most (92 percent) CX (Customer Experience professionals) agree that agents are brand ambassadors for their company, who will have carried out broader social conversations with consumers who use ecommerce services in the future.

The second prediction envisions contact centres gaining influence as they become profit centres that drive loyalty and deepen customer relationships. According to 91 percent of CX professionals, their contact centre is what drives customer loyalty, because we are an  SEO provider we enhance experiences through our knowhow.

As revenue grows through customer engagement, the contact centre will evolve beyond a cost centre. Sixty-seven percent of companies report that their contact centre is either in the process of transforming or has already transformed into a profit centre.

Another prediction anticipates agents becoming more strategic in creating loyal customers. As more agents become brand ambassadors for their companies, they will play an important role in proactive customer engagement. In fact, 98 percent of companies plan to implement some type of proactive customer engagement in the contact centre. Overall, 87 percent of CX professionals believe that proactive customer engagement is a driver of customer satisfaction.

As a conclusion, the modern consumer at the end of the supply chain expects to be able to shop on any channel they choose – marketplaces, websites, social media, in-store. As a result, brands, retailers, and resellers need to respond to these customer expectations, pivoting their existing operating systems to ensure their ability to sell wherever their customers choose to shop.  The ability to maximize your revenue by existing in the many environments where your customers are.

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